Graduate Unionization News

Below are some stories that have recently appeared in the news about graduate student unionization.

Letter to the Editor: Looking beyond graduate student unionization

Graduate student unionization affiliation vote closes
Possible unionization on horizon as graduate students vote to affiliate with AFT

Why the Grad Student Union Election Is Still Contested

POV: Unionizing BU Grad Students Would Be a Mistake

Penn’s graduate students have moved to unionize. Here’s what they stand to gain (or lose)

Columbia University begins legal battle to prevent graduate student union

Cornell Grad Election Too Close to Call

Gutmann writes letter discouraging graduate student unionization

Cornell, Union File Grievances on Opening Day of Voting

Faculty sign letter of support for grad students’ movement to unionize

Graduate students receive update on unionization

Graduate Students Team with USC Forward to Establish Union

Harvard Graduate Student Union’s NLRB Objections Go to the Foundations of Fair Elections

Graduate students withdraw unionization petition

Grad Unionization Will Improve Undergrad Experience, Career Prospects, Students Say

As Harvard Hearings Continue, Yale Departments Unionize

Cornell grad students holding union elections

As Vanderbilt Grad Students Consider Unionizing, Administrators Begin To Push Back

After union votes, Yale weighs its options

Last Updated April 4, 2017.